State of being free

I'm Gabrielle. 19. Dance major. My blog consists of: Daily activities. Personal pictures. Personal confessions. Cats. Dance. My past & present emotions. Or whatever mood I am in. Enjoy.

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"I become attached to people I shouldn’t. I distance myself from the people who matter. I am bad with people. I am good at being alone. But I hate being lonely."
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Every day I struggle between “I wanna look good naked” and “treat yo self.”

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'Origin Story' Giclée

Archival pigments on acid-free handmade Japanese paper.
Every print is signed and sealed by the artist.
Measures 12x17 inches.

This looks like that ps2 game called katamari.

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The last one though is my life ~~

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The lack of tattoos on my body is highly upsetting.

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